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Now, if you're a long term customer of Judds or even a regular passer by our Murphy Street store then you might have noticed some changes to our shop. 

Just like the men we dress, it’s equally as important our brand stay for fresh, relevant and on trend. 
Since taking over the business in 2016 - owners Delf & AJ have taken a customer centric approach to the business - getting to know the Judd’s shopper and then refining our offering and brand portfolio to cater to them. Three years on and Judd’s is arguably the 'go-to' destination for the widest variety of men’s fashion labels in Wangaratta, so it was imperative to us that our brand reflect that.
So lets introduce you to our new logo
The name change- Judds has had many iterations over the years, but the one constant has alway been our male-centric clientele so we decided to make it clear and simple - Judds equals men
The font - Originally called Sloane's Menswear, our store location has been selling menswear since the late 1800's, so  we chose a modernised version of a Victorian-era newspaper font for our logo as a nod t our vintage heritage.
The roman numerals - The store changed its name in 1983 when it was purchased by the Judd family.  We didn't want to change the name of the brand because its become such a well known staple of the Wangaratta high street - 1983 in roman numerals is MCMLXXXIII
The monochrome colour pallette - black and white are both modern and fiercely classic at the same time, so it made sense to use this colour palette as a chronicle of where we started and where we are heading.
The bold border- represents that all of your mens fashion needs can be found within the four walls of our store - from suits to footwear, jeans to jumpers and so on 
We hope that clears it for you? Let us know your thoughts our new look

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