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It's often the simplest problems that are the trickiest to navigate when it comes to getting dressed. A perfect case in point of this is figuring out just what to do with the bottoms of your jeans. Rolling, and stacking are easy maneuvers to get the job done—in theory. But executing style moves is often easier said than done. Truth is there are more options for what kind of pants to wear, there are also more decisions to make today in terms of finessing the hem of your jeans the right way. Here, we've laid out everything you'd ever need to know about navigating the subject with your Comfort Craftsmen

Why Roll Jeans In The First Place?

There are several benefits to rolling jeans.

#1. Aesthetics

– It breaks up the flow from pant to shoe. If you have really long legs this can balance out your proportions.

– It shows off more of your boot. You can keep the visual length of your legs intact while showing details that otherwise would be covered up.

– It shows off the inside of your jeans. When the inner lining contrasts with the wash of your denim it can make a nice end point for the eyes to notice your boots. Or if you're wearing high-end selvedge denim, you can make sure everyone knows about it. (Selvedge denim is woven on an old-fashioned shuttle loom, creating distinctive edges that only show on the ‘wrong' side.)

#2. Avoid the tailor tax!

Don't want to get every pair of jeans you own tailored? Rolling is a quick way to taper the cuffs without having to take them to the tailor



Rolling is what most guys mean when they say ‘cuffing your jeans'. A rolled hem is one that's turned up twice. Never roll more than twice or you'll look like you have bagels on your legs.

Aim for a 1.5″ cuff – the key is making the first roll less than an inch. Make each roll slightly lopsided for a nonchalant look.

Up until the 1960s cuffing your jeans was the norm, as they only came in a few lengths – so this is a retro look.

What Type Of Jeans To Roll:

Jeans that are full or half break length make for easy cuffs.

Selvedge denim that you want to show off.

Slim fitting jeans – the cuff needs some friction with your legs to stay up.

Designer jeans – most designer jeans come with very long inseams, and getting them hemmed will cost more than normal slacks and is something most tailors won't attempt.


Pin Rolling

This is like a military shirt tuck for jean cuffs.

Put on some un-cuffed jeans and stand up straight.

Grab the inner seam at the bottom of one leg and pinch it.

You will then want to fold the fabric against your ankle so the fabric now overlaps.

You can now cuff the jean.


What Type Of Jeans To Pin Roll:

Slim fit – NOT classic or relaxed fit.

Jeans that taper at the ankle and are not too baggy above the knee



‘Stacking' means letting jeans fabric bunch up above your shoes. This used to be seen as lazy, but now the music industry has made it very fashion-forward. When you wear skinny jeans and high ankle boots there will be excess fabric around the ankle. Just let the excess fabric stack on top of itself and rock it! This only works if your jeans taper from the knee down to the ankle.

What Type Of Jeans To Stack:

Very slim to skinny jeans. I'm sorry – a stack still only works with uber-slim denim, so if that's not your speed it's best to leave this to those who embrace a pencil-thin leg.

Pre-washed jeans – raw denim is likely to rub indigo dye all over your shoes.


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R.M. Williams is hoping Hugh Jackman’s star power will help convince customers in new markets around the world to buy its iconic Australian boots.
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Judds=Men is now a proud stockist of SIN eyeware both in-store & online. 
Here's what their team has to say about their collections;
When it comes to eyewear, we’re all for keeping it simple. Our designs are Inspired by world-famous beach breaks and influenced by the iconic laidback lifestyle of surf culture: epic waves, great tunes, and warm Summer days. Sacrificing quality for price ain’t our jam and it’s these values that our brand is built on.
We source only premium materials for our collections, such as hand-crafted acetate frames, scratch-resistant lenses, and cutting-edge TR 90 technology (otherwise known as the flexible stuff that keeps your sunnies on your head where they belong.). Designed to handle whatever the day throws at you, our shades don't take any crap
All our designs offer polarised lenses and 100% UV protection from the sun, providing your peepers with the glare reduction they need (and stopping those squint-lines dead in their tracks). Better yet, we keep all of our sunnies reasonably priced, so you’ve got more money in your back pocket to shout the next round. You’re welcome.
From our humble beginnings on the Gold Coast back in 2011, to the established brand it is today, SIN Eyewear continues to grow and challenge the status quo. With our team of creative rebels and renegades at the helm, our designs are turning more heads - and for all the right reasons.
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The most wearable trends for Spring/Summer 2019

This years Men’s Fashion Month has seen an array of classic design and rule-breaking styles. 
The ‘see now, buy now’ business model, allowing consumers to shop straight from the runway, seemed to not only be costly but a logistical nightmare with no little profitability on sales. It is however, hard to practice patience when a slew of fresh clothes appears on social media, so to help you lead the way in upcoming trends, we’ve compiled a list of the most wearable trends for this Summer
Tucked-in Shirts
Whether you consider it a trend or style trick, the rise in streetwear has left the tucked-in shirt intact and the old school style you were forced to wear as a school student is back for Spring/Summer 2019. The trick to nailing the shirt tuck is to keep it relaxed and not too tight. Start with a slightly longer shirt, forgiving pants and a statement belt. Tuck in your shirt, then begin to pull out the sides until you reach the desired effect.
Relaxed Suiting
Gone are the days of uncomfortable, slim-fit suiting and if you need convincing to go casual for the summer, father of quality tailoring Giorgio Armani are here to set the record straight. While we don’t recommend ditching your bespoke suits all together, oversized and relaxed shapes are a go-to for the warmer months. Look for a lightweight material to further enhance the summer vibes.
Bold colour seems to be having a moment for the Spring/Summer 2019 season and no matter if its in block, pattern or found in accents on your threads, the more the merrier. Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Martine Rose are embracing the rainbow. While all-over colour is not exactly everyday appropriate, or easy to pull off, bold accents will elevate your style game. Start small and go from there.
When you see knitwear you don’t automatically associate it with Summer, but a lightweight cardigan or sweater is a great kit essential for those cool Spring mornings. Easy to layer and an easy cover-up, brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton are adopting the classic but with added style.As always try to opt for good quality knits that will last for seasons to come.
Form and Function
A big favourite from Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director, Virgil Abloh, the bum-bag has gone one step further in the form of utility packs. While the bright orange utility vest is not for everyone, excess zippers and pockets are being found on everything from the cult favourite bum-bag to classic jackets.The key is to keep the rest of your look simple and let the hardware do the talking.
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